SonarQube BitBucket Server not pulling All Repos when creating New Project

Trialing sonarqube-enterprise-
Trying connect to On-Site Bitbucket server.
I am using my Personal Access Token.
When Creating new project, I select ‘From a Bitbucket Server repository’.
I see a short list of repos but the ones I need are not in there.
I type the names of the repos I know of in the search box that says “Search for repository name starting with…” but nothing comes up.

p.s. It seems that the ‘Search’ only searches within the list of visible repos. It doesn’t search the whole universe of repos available in bitbucket server. When I search of repos that are already visible, it finds them. When I search for repos that I know exist but are not in the visible list already and I have access to because I can see them in bitbucket UI, it doesn’t find them.

p.p.s Something weird is going on. In the web.log file I see that ALL the repos are listed. Something in the UI is filtering them.

Hello @undecided2013
Welcome to SonarSource community forum! And thanks for this finding.

As you have reached to us through your sales channel, let’s try to solve your issue there, and then we’ll update this community thread.

Best regards

let’s close this thread with a tip for the search box in this screen.
The ‘%’ character is the wildcard that can be used to refine searches in this list and get its count below 25:


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