Upgrading SonarQube looses contact to database

I’m playing around with my test environment and was about to test the upgrade process.

Current environment:
SonarQube version 9.7.1 community edition.
Docker image running on Azure Container Instance
Database runs on Azure Database

I’m trying to upgrade to SonarQube verison 9.9.0 but after I’ve deployed the new container it doesn’t connect to the database anymore. It’s like the database config doesn’t exists anymore so it uses the embedded database instead.
So when I go to /setup I get the message that the embedded database doesn’t support to be upgraded.

Hey there.

I have a feeling your running to this upgrade note

  • The deprecated SONARQUBE_JDBC_USERNAME, SONARQUBE_JDBC_PASSWORD, and SONARQUBE_JDBC_URL variables have been removed. See Environment variables for up-to-date configuration variables.
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  • we have a running sonarqube:9.3.0-developer in our production env.
  • we cloned this vm instance so that we can test the upgrade to 9.9.
  • using the cloned vm we upgraded to 9.9-developer, then we noticed that it did not use the SQL server that it was using before the upgrade, i.e., it instead used the embedded SQL.
  • however, when we logged on and went to administration > system… we saw this message “This server ID is valid only for the embedded database”.

is it safe to assume that if we do the upgrade in our production system that the SQL should work as expected because it is using a licensed server ID?

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Don’t know how many times i read that article yesterday, but obviously with my mind somewhere else :smiley:

Thank you, @Colin, for highlighting that for me. Everything works fine when replacing the variables.

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