Upgrading SonarQube from 8.9enterprise LTS to 9.9enterprise LTS in Azure Web App service

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I am trying to upgrade from 8.9-ent LTS to 9.9-ent LTS. Our current production application is running on Az Web app service and hence we are trying to move in similar scope of upgrade. We are using the external Azure SQL database as backend for the SQ application, It is working fine for 8.9 but when I try upgrading to 9.9 I see the container/App logs showing JDBC data source created for local embedded database
[2024_05_02_ln1mdlwk0003IR_default_docker.log|attachment](upload://12i20svEn54luEz5SzJu9TWVp3Y.log) (75.9 KB) [2024_05_02_lw1ldlwk0002BY_docker.log|attachment](upload://lxSgYS1l8TeWbuQle0wrnPKgBIU.log) (10.8 KB) [2024_05_03_ln1mdlwk0003IR_docker.log|attachment](upload://ihfneJDjec1CTxTLVPky62pbtpg.log) (1.4 KB)

2024-05-02T21:44:20.064799166Z 2024.05.02 21:44:20 INFO  web[][o.s.s.p.d.EmbeddedDatabase] Embedded database started. Data stored in: /opt/sonarqube/data
2024-05-02T21:44:20.075208080Z 2024.05.02 21:44:20 INFO  web[][o.sonar.db.Database] Create JDBC data source for jdbc:h2:tcp://;NON_KEYWORDS=VALUE

from the above web logs we can see the database defaults to embedded db rather than SQL DB that was provided in the app settings, please note if I just change the docker source image to 8.9-ent LTS it works absolutely fine. I have tried couple of other versions of SQ after 9.9 and it is the same issue.

Can any one help.

Thanks in advance

Issue resolved after looking into SQ Environmental/app setting
:SonarQube Docker Image 9.9 - changed how to configure the database?

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