Upgrading SonarQube being deployed with Helm


We’ve deployed SonarQube 8.9.7 Enterprise on K8S using Helm, using a managed GCP Cloud SQL database.

We’ve imported the content of our previous installation (7.9.3) and upon redeployment, SonarQube database schema needs to be upgraded by going to /setup.

So far so good.

However, since the SonarQube pod is marked as failed (because the health check does not and cannot succeed), we never have the time to perform the setup and upgrade.

Does anybody know what should the process be? Is there a way to configure SQ to automatically perform any needed upgrade? Or to disable the health check?

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it’s not clear to me whether you’re using the official Helm Charts or not. Those docs don’t indicate any special procedures for upgrading. Can you take a look?


Hi @ganncamp in the official Sonarqube documentation the first instruction to upgrade the edition of Sonarqube from Community to Developer isto change the SonarQube version on your values.yaml .

Currently I’m using Terraform and set the cart to be chart = “sonarqube/sonarqube”.

How am I supposed to modify the values.yaml with terraform?

Sorry I thought it would be something non-trivial. I believe I just have to set the value of edition to developer to upgrade the edition.

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