SonarQube version 9.9.1 Helm

Hi guys,

Does anyone know where to find the 9.9.1 fix in HELM CHART?
on I only found version 9.9.1 in ZIP format.

Hey there.

It should just be a matter of updating your container reference to the relevant image in your values.yml.

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Hey Colin.

Simple as that, just change from 9.9 to 9.9.1 in my YAML file?

Thank you for the information.

Hi @Ricardo_Mendes

Normally, the version of helm chart 8.0.1 should also have the SQ version 9.9.1.
What is your process to update the helm chart ?

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Hi Leo Geoffroy,

It’s my first time performing an upgrade from SonarQube 9.9, so I’m going to try to follow the guidance you sent me.

Do you have any other guidelines I can follow? My environment is a K8s with Sonarqube 9.9 community.

Thank you so much.

Every documentation to upgrade the helm chart for the LTS version is available on the documentation page

Make sure to add the version constraint on the helm upgrade commands as explained in the " Installing the SonarQube 9.9 LTS chart" section.

Okay, I’ll do that, thanks a lot again.