Helm upgrade for the sonarqube community edition from 8.2 to 8.9LTS

live support on upgrade from version 8.2 to 8.9LTS.
I see this link, but it does not provide more details on upgrade!!?
[Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs ]

8.9 LTS Announcement LTS to LTS Release Upgrade Notes Then here are more guide-oriented lists: 3 steps to a smooth upgrade guide Upgrade the Server | SonarQube Doc

I have checked the links above and also contacted the support team but they have asked me to reach out to the dev teams here at sonar source.

Hi @cs.evolving ,

there was no official helm chart for SonarQube 8.2. We only shipped our chart with 8.9. If you have a running installation using helm with 8.2, you probably did use another chart to deploy it.
If you want to migrate your installation to our chart, you can follow this high level approach:

  • Stop your SonarQube installation
  • Make a Database backup (and validate that this is working)
  • read and adapt the values from our chart to match your current installation and point it to the same database
  • deploy SonarQube using our helm chart with your adapted values (helm install -f your-values.yaml ...)
  • run the database migration
  • verify if everything is working
  • remove old installation

if you don’t want to migrate to our official chart, you should check with the owner of the chart you deployed if you need to adapt certain configuration options.

hope that clarifies things