Upgrading from Community version to developer version - deployed via Azure App service


I have currently got sonarqube community edition v9.4, now I want to take the plunge to upgrade onto the developer edition. The existing setup was deployed onto an Azure web app, using the single button deployment.

I have searched on google for a way to upgrade onto the developer edition, cannot seem to find how to do this. I have logged onto the portal site under configuration, there are no indications of how to do this.

If I have to build out a new setup, I am looking for the easiest way to do this and one that will scale and perform well. Backend database is SQL server.

Hey there.

Upgrading editions should be as easy as linking your old configuration to the new binaries/docker iamge.

I suppose you’re using GitHub - vanderby/SonarQube-AzureAppService: Instructions and files to host SonarQube on an Azure App Service without a container. – this is a commnity-supported deployment pattern that we don’t have any knowledge about. To continue using this, your best bet may be to reach out to the maintainer.

At a glance, clicking that deploy button at least appears to support the concept of edition.

Maybe you just need a new deployment linked to your existing sonar.jdbc.* values.

Thanks for the reply, I already deployed the product. I am guessing I will need to perform a new deployment. I would like to go through a supported method but do not want to build out a new VM etc, is it better to go through the option of having a docker image or what would you recommend ?