Upgrade from 6.7.5 > 7.9.2

Is it possible to upgrade version 6.7.5 community version to 7.9.2 community version directly ?
without upgrading to 6.7.7 first ?

we will use postgres for 7.9.2, using mysql now.


Hi @andgru,

yes as 6.7 and 7.9 are both ex- or current- LTS versions of SonarQube.
You just need to upgrade your DB first from MySQL to Postgres, before migrating to 7.9, as 7.9 LTS doesn’t support MySQL DB.


Ok, thanks!
Yes i know. My concern was actually if the database conversion tool works for 6.7.5 ?

Yes, tool works like a charm while migrating the data from MySQL to PostgreSQL DB.
I have tested the db migration from MySQL-5.6 to PostgreSQL-9.6 (as recommended by sonarsource) for sonarqube-6.7 version and the tool worked fine. it displays the output on the console while migrating the data, which upon failure helps in debugging the issue.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

Alok Singh


yes, thanks! :grinning: