SonarQube community edition upgrade along with DB Migration

Hi Team,
We are planning to upgrade our SonarQube community edition. Below are the details of our current version and Database.
SonarQube version: sonarqube 6.7.3
Database: Aurora MySQL Engine version: 5.6.mysql_aurora.1.22.2.

We would like to upgrade to the latest LTS of SonarQube along with Database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Can someone please suggest upgrade path and steps to move along with this smoothly.

Thank you,
Laxmi Peram

Hey there.

You will need to follow the upgrade guide taking specific care to first migrate from MYSQL to another database platform.

After upgrading to 7.9, you can follow the same to 8.9. Make sure you read the upgrade notes linked in each upgrade guide.

Hi Colin - Thank you for responding on my query.

So, First we need to Migrate the Database from MYSQL to another DB Platform (In our case it is PostgreSQL) and then we need to plan an upgrade the SonarQube tool from my existing version to Latest LTS?

So the path would be 6.7.3 —> 7.9 —> 8.9 ?

Thank you,
Laxmi Peram

Completely correct!

Thank you Colin.