Updating SonarQuebe rules locally

Hi All,

I use sonarqube with mule plugin which has a set of rules in xml. However, when I update those rules and restart the server (locally), it doesn’t pick those rules.

Secondly, when I re-install hte sonarqube with new/updated rules. It picks them up.

Any idea on how the updated rules can be picked by restarting the server?

SonarQube version: 9.2.4
Mule Plugin: GitHub - mulesoft-catalyst/mule-sonarqube-plugin: The Mule SonarQube Plugin provides the capability to do code inspecting and taking project metrics from a mule project using SonarQube.

Hello @RahulDusaje,

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You don’t tell enough of your environment to really help

What do you mean “it does not pick those rules” ? They are not executed on your code ?

Are you aware that rules but be added to your project quality profile to be active ?
Have you validated the 3rd party plugin consent in SonarQube ?
How is your SonarQube deployed ? A simple zip file ? With a docker image ?