Mule sonarqube Plugin

Hi Team,

Actually recently we have done with setup of Sonarqube enterprise version and we are planning to use Mule SonarQube Plugin (GitHub - mulesoft-catalyst/mule-sonarqube-plugin: The Mule SonarQube Plugin provides the capability to do code inspecting and taking project metrics from a mule project using SonarQube.) for our mule soft projects ,

And when I looked at the plugin setup we have observed that As the plugin inspects xml files and SonarQube already comes with an XML plugin, you have to modify this behavior so only one plugin inspects xml files. For that reason, you have to remove the xml extension from it.

As of now we have already scanned Javascript / HTML and other language projects and we might scan java projects also which will have xml files ,

Now the question I have regarding the above changes are

  1. Is it OK to remove the prebuilt XML plugin and use the custom XML plugin or do we have any limitations in using the custom XML plugin instead of pre built XML plugin

  2. Even if we use custom XML plugin , I hope there wont be any issues regarding the XML files that needs to be scanned for all other projects wherever required.

It would be helpful for us to provide some guidance regarding this as this will help us to decide on that whether to go ahead with this plugin or not?

Please let me know if you need any additional details

Hey there

Maybe this thread can help you.

Hi @Colin_SonarSource ,

Thanks for this , we will check this post and will try to get some more details here and will let you know if we need any additional details