Updating Sonar Way profile


We are currently using SonarQube 9.1 and would like to check is there any way we could update the default Sonar Way Quality Profile.


Hey there.

This is a built-in profile that cannot be updated. You can either extend it (to add rules) or copy it (and do whatever you like). You can also change while profile is the default on your instance (applying to projects if no other profile is explicitly chosen.

Check out the documentation for Quailty Profiles for a full overview.

Hi Colin,

In our instance, it is showing updated 4 months ago. What causes it to show the updated date?


Hi @victor

the updated date is related to the version of SonarQube you installed. (we update the SonarWay each time we release a new version, as we may add new rules, deprecate others etc).

You can upgrade your SonarQube version each time we release a new one (follow here the news - you can subscribe to our Product News in the pop up).
Fyi, 9.1 that you are currently running is EOL and you should upgrade at your earliest convenience on 9.3 (or wait until beg of April when we release 9.4).


Hi @Carine_Bayon ,

Is there anyway we could update the SonarWay with a plugin or some sort without having to upgrade our sonarqube?

Hi @victor

Rules are linked to the version of SonarQube, and languages “plugins” are bundled with each version.
The answer to your question is therefore a No.

What would be the reason for you to not upgrade to the next version of SonarQube?