Updating Custom Java Plugin to SonarQube API 8.6 causes test compile errors

We are currently using

  • SonarQube Server Community Edition Version
  • Sonar Java Code Analyzer

running on a Debian Linux 4.9.0 OS.

We have developed some custom rules based on the Java Code Analyzer.

As we are considering to update the SonarQube Server to Version 8.6, I tried to compile our custom rules plugin with the following Sonar API and Sonar Java rules versions, which are the latest versions according to Maven cetral:


Whe I compile the plugin with this configuration the following exception occurs when running the tests:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.sonar.api.batch.sensor.internal.SensorContextTester.setSettings(Lorg/sonar/api/config/Settings;)Lorg/sonar/api/batch/sensor/internal/SensorContextTester;

at org.sonar.java.testing.InternalCheckVerifier.sonarComponents(InternalCheckVerifier.java:551)
at org.sonar.java.testing.InternalCheckVerifier.verifyAll(InternalCheckVerifier.java:204)
at org.sonar.java.testing.InternalCheckVerifier.verifyIssues(InternalCheckVerifier.java:164)
at de.empic.sonar.EapRuleVerifier.verify(EapRuleVerifier.java:32)
at de.empic.sonar.rule.AvoidSpecificCDIBeanNameTest.detected(AvoidSpecificCDIBeanNameTest.java:10)

Whe I use the API version, which is mentioned in the guide Writing Custom Java Rules 101, everything works fine. Any version higher than that, leads to the exception above.

That raises the following questions for me:

Is it possible to deploy an run the custom rules plugin having the code dependency on API version on a SonarQube Server with version 8.6?

When I scanned the server release upgrade notes, I found the following statement in Release 8.5:

Upgrade simplified: Languages, GIT and SVN support now built-in
Languages provided with your edition and support for GIT and SVN version control are now built-in and don’t require plugins. If you were using these plugins, you need to remove them from SonarQube before upgrading.

  • Does this require changes in how I have to develop, build and deploy our custom java rules?
  • How do I know, which version of the java analyzer is bundled with the SonarQube server version?
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Hello @tschindler,

Normally all the API changes should be registered at https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/analysis/languages/java/
You may want to look at this page for help.


Hello @OlivierK,

thank you for the hint where to find the API Changes of the sonar java plugin. But unfortunately this doesn’t solve my problem, as I don’t see any API Changes concerning my problem.

After some more research and debugging, I found, that in the POM of the “org.sonarsource.java:java:” depends on Sonar Version 7.9 (https://search.maven.org/artifact/org.sonarsource.java/java/

When I compile and run my tests with
everything works fine.

In the guide for writing java custom plugins (Writing Custom Java Rules 101, I found the following paragraph:

In the code snippet below, note the plugin API version (<sonar.version>) provided through the properties. It relates to the minimum version of SonarQube your plugin will support, and is generally aligned to your company’s SonarQube instance. In this template, we rely on the version (LTS version is 7.9, but compatibility to latest release is guaranteed when packaging the plugin). Note that latest released versions of the Java Analyzer are always compatible with the current LTS version of SonarQube.

I guess, my problem stems from an incompatibility in the plugin API between LTS version 7.9 and the latest version 8.6.
So for now, I will keep the dependency to plugin API Version which works and I will have to upgrade to the next plugin API Version with the next SonarQube LTS Release.