Sonar Custom rules

Hi Team,

We have plans to migrate our Sonar Qube server to version 9.4. As per the Sonar Docs, “The SonarQube server 9.4 require Java version 11 and the SonarQube scanners require Java version 11 or 17”.
Our IDE “IBM IDZ (15.0.3)” is based on Eclipse platform 4.8 and Java version 8. We are currently using the SonarLint(6.2.0) feature as well. We are also developing Custom Rules for Cobol analysis (Everything based on Java version 8).
Will there be any impact once we upgrade to Sonarqube version 9.4 on the below perspectives ?

  1. Will there be any impact on the Sonar Scan in Lint version 6.2.0 as it uses JAVA 8 ?
  2. Will there be any impact in deploying the Custom rules (developed with jre 1.8) in SonarQube server 9.4 and using the same in SonarLint version 6.2.0.

Please help with the details.

Hi @Ramapriya

  • there will be an impact as our Cobol analyzer is now compiled to target Java 11. SonarLint will download the analyzer from the server, so it will fail to run it.
  • for custom rules, you could continue to compile them with a Java 8 target. They would run both on SonarQube and SonarLint. But this is not very useful if the Cobol analyzer is not working…

Is there no way to run IDz with a more recent version of Java?