Update Center / Marketplace clone


(Robert) #1


Is the Update Center / Marketplace (https://update.sonarsource.org/update-center.properties) exclusively hosted by Sonarsource or is there a way of setting up one on my own? I already know that I can set a different url in SonarQube (sonar.updatecenter.url), but don’t know if/how it is possible to have my own Marketplace.



(G Ann Campbell) #2


I know of no easy way for you to do this. I doubt it would be worth the effort.

What is your goal?


(Yu Soon Bok) #3


Check out www.sonarplugins.com

They have created a custom update center containing official SonarSource plugins plus other commercial and open-source plugins developed by BetterCodingTools, EXXETA, Backelite, Sourcemeter, …

Maybe you can request them to add your plugins to their index and then use their update center.

Then you can just use www.sonarplugins.com/marketplace.properties as your SonarQube update center URL.

Hope that it helps!

(Robert) #5

Hi Ann,
thanks for the quick answer.
My goal is to run SonarQube in an offline environment. Therefore I am trying to replicate the Update Center so it will be available locally even without internet access. Is there any chance to do so?

(Nicolas Bontoux) #6

I’m confused with your objective @robertauer: the MarketPlace is not just a flat list of version, it’s the actual ability to download and install plugins.

Unless you would also mirror all plugin binaries distributed via the Marketplace (which seems like much unreasonable plan), I cannot see the value this would add (as one would ultimately be unable to successfully instal a new version)

(Robert) #7

Yes, this is what I intend to do, because I need them available in my own environment, which is (after the setup) not connected to the internet any more. Therefore I need to build up my own MarketPlace backend (is this the right term for it?), mirror the plugins and change the URL in my SonarQube instance to point to it. Is there any way to do this?
I am aware that this would only get me the plugin versions at the time of setup and no further updates.

(Robert) #8

I was able to accomplish my goal by writing my own update-center.properties file and modifying the downloadUrl entries of the plugins I want to provide.

(Nicolas Bontoux) #9

Well I have to say that technically speaking I can see what you’re doing here, however functionally speaking I hardly see the value that this intends to bring, and how that could be realistically maintained over time.