Automatic update plugins

(Gastineau) #1


I have deployed a instance of a sonarqube server.
I have installed some plugins.
Is it possible to enable an automatic update of the plugins when new versions of these plugins are available on the marketplace, compatible with my sonarqube server ?
I do not want to check manually (login using an administrator account on the web interface) if new plugins are available.


(Tibor Blenessy) #2


no, this is currently not possible. You can consider using where plugins are always up-to-date.

(Gastineau) #3

Is there a REST API to check if some plugins are not updated ?

How can keep up-to-date the plugins if a manual “click” is required to install out-dated plugins ?


(Nicolas Bontoux) #4

Hi Mickaël,

I see two parts to your use-case:

  1. automatically knowing if a new version is available
  2. automatically updating to that new version

For 1. I suggest you have a look at api/plugins/available (WebAPI documentation embedded in your server), which you can use programmatically. For 2 as Tibor mentioned it is not possible with SonarQube. You could consider using api/plugins/install, and would still have to restart the server afterwards (for the install to be effective).