Up to how many compute engine worker threads are per sonarcloud account?

We are evaluating sonarcloud to address the current issue with our internal instance encountering bottlenecks at peak periods since there is only 1 worker node. I cannot find any documentation if sonarcloud.io has the same features as Enterprise wherein there can be up to 10 worker nodes configured for the Compute Engine. Can anyone point me if there is any documentation on this topic or provide confirmation that moving to sonarcloud will minimize our bottleneck issues with parallel requests?

Thank you.

Hello @Anuerin_Diaz and welcome to our community.

Regarding SQ, did you look at the documentation about the compute engine performance? Maybe it could help you finding the bottleneck.

SC is a cloud solution where the CE workers scale as the workload grows. This is supposed to be transparent to the user and we don’t have a documentation about it since it is constantly changing to achieve it’s goal.

Hope that helps.

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