Unreliable QG analysis on short lived branches


  • Enterprise Edition - Version 7.6 (build 21501)
    SonarQube plugins:
    • License for SonarLint 7.6 (license)
    • SonarJava (java)
      Project server settings:
    • sonar.issue.ignore.block=1
    • sonar.leak.period=14
      Project scanner properties:
    • sonar.branch.name=feature/something
    • sonar.branch.target=develop
    • sonar.scanner.app=ScannerGradle
    • sonar.scanner.appVersion=2.7-SNAPSHOT/5.3.1
    • sonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8

So i just did an analysis of my short lived branch and there are several problems that i can’t understand. They might be related.

  1. It shows me whole classes as if they are new, even though i’ve only modified a line in them.
  2. The QG hasn’t failed even though the coverage of new code is 64% and the project has it set up as “<70%” .
  3. When i look at the QG result, i don’t see the rules that are applied to the project. This makes me think that the QG is not doing anything against short-lived branches.

My branch is rebased and up to date with develop ( which is the long lived branch)
I’ll attach some screenshots.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Thank you.


7.6 is past EOL at this point and we’ve done a good bit of work on what’s “new” since that version, as well as merging the concetps of short-lifed and long-lived branches for a (hopefully :smile:) better, more comprehensive user experience. You should upgrade to the current LTS, 7.9.3, and then on to the current version, 8.3 (8.4 expected next week) at your earliest convenience and see if your problems persist.