Unrecoverable indexation failures in Sonar Enterprise 8.1 Container

  • SonarQube 8.1 Enterprise (Kubernetes via Helm deployment)
  • ES Indexes are reporting as being full, causing the index to go into read only. We would like to know how to specify storage specifically for that resource. We believe that there is available storage but the ES storage is reporting a max of 8gb total for this index. How can we allocate larger available space for Elasticsearch index?
  • We have reset our pods to clear the storage but haven’t seen a way to set the storage for this specific resource. Do we need a persistent volume for this?

Looks like we will need persistent storage for this but I was hoping to avoid it.

Any way to limit the indexation size?


The total size for ES indices will likely get smaller in 8.3, but there’s no ticket I can point you to yet & no guarantee it will make 8.3.


Thanks. We really want to know what to expect. I don’t like the way scans fail if the indexing is full. I may be doing it wrong but I’d like the scans not to fail and rather just indexing not happen/send warnings. Based on our “ephemeral” installation, we don’t have unlimited storage and need to know what we can set in our kubernetes deployment.