Flood stage disk watermark [95%]

SonarQube version 8.3
We are using theSonar Qube as a Web Server,we are facing an error “Unrecoverable indexation failures: 1 errors among 1 requests”.
I have shared the es.loges (2).log (392.0 KB)

Hi, you are running out of disk space. Make some space or move to another disk, and restart SonarQube. The readonly elasticsearch indexes will be switched back to write+read during startup.

Hi I am using Microsoft Database and I have check it by upgrading it to 250 DTUs along with 1TB storage but it is still failing.

Oh, sorry, i was not specific enough. You are running out of space on the disk hosting SonarQube, not the database. There is a data/es6 folder in your SonarQube folder: this is where the elasticsearch data are stored.