Unrecoverable indexation failure/Elastic search error in sonarqube7.9.2 very often

Hi Community

I am facing unrecoverable indexation failure very often in sonarqube which is due to elastic search failure and i am aware of the workaround to restart sonar POD which fixes the Elastic search issue for short time

But this failure occurs very often like 10 days once

  • Sonarqube-7.9.2v, Redhat openshift-3.11v, Jenkins-2.190v
    Container memory 32GB ,
    Sonar POD memory- 4GB,
    sonar Db memory- 2GB
    There were no memory leaks we found at the time of Elastic search failure

  • Error as attached

*Restarting sonar is the workaround

P.S.:So far i have tried below steps with no luck
1.Increased SQ_SEARCH_MEMORU(Elastic search memory)= till 3GB but no use (sonar pod RAM is 6GB)
2.Allocated dedicated node for sonar to have more space but no luck

If any one can help me what exactly this indexation error/elastic search failure and why it occurs (disc space or RAM issue not sure) with a fix!

It would be life saving help for me!!
For more information please let me know


Hi @Ashif_Mohamed,

Did you check the logs/es.log file? Could you also increase the verbosity of the logs to DEBUG, and see if there’s more information there? Add the following to conf/sonar.properties:


Don’t forget to restart SonarQube for this to take effect.