Unexpected error occurred when toggling off automatic analysis

Hi, recently on a number of projects in Sonar Cloud we receive an unexpected error when trying to turn off Automatic Analysis so we can configured the project to be analysed via GitHub actions. Please see the screen shot below.

We have been unable to find the error and get any further details. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there.

There’s a known bug for disabling automatic analysis when two (or more) projects are configured as a monorepo, but only when that monorepo was configured after one project was analyzed with Automatic Analysis. Could that be what’s happening here?

Right now, the only workaround I know of would be to delete that other project (which automatic analysis has never ran on).

Hi Colin,
Thanks for the reply, it turns out the issue was due to the GitHub org being disconnected from the Sonar Cloud org. I have reconnected it and I am now able to disable automatic analysis.
Many Thanks,

Thanks for the follow-up! I’ll flag this for attention as we should probably be able to handle this more gracefully.