Can't disable automatic analyze and add more projects

We recently re-enabled and re-installed our Sonarcloud Github app for our organization, but still we can’t disable automatic analysis to use Sonarcloud.

Please let me know what additional info I can provide to accelerate the solution

Hello and welcome to the community forum!

Usually, this kind of issue can happen when a project was using automatic analysis and has been setup as a monorepo structure.
Is your project part of a monorepo on SonarCloud? You can check this by going on the “Analyze a new project” page like if you were gonna setup a monorepo.

Hey, we are not using monorepo. But I noticed that I can’t add more repos (projects) even if the application has access to all repos in our org. Can we somehow debug it?

Hi again!
Sorry for the late response, I was able to find some errors related to your project in our logs.
It seems like your organization is not bound to your Github organization anymore and that’s why the activation of the Automatic Analysis is failing.

Can you check that your organization is correctly bound to your Github org? You can see it under your SonarCloud Organization settings. If your organization is not bound to Github you can’t use the Automatic Analysis feature.