Unexpected error during project creation... in some case

Today we experienced a weird behaviour with SonarCloud.

When trying to create a new project named (project_key=“Sport_e_Salute_MemoService” we receive the error {“errors”:[{“msg”:“An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.”}]}

We receive the same error in the following cases:

  • Creating the project via UI
  • Creating the project via Rest API
  • Creating the project through Maven Plugin

I made some test changing the project key with the following even weirder results:

  • Sport_E_Salute_MenuService (with the capital E) was FINE
  • Sport_e_Salute_Test (failed)
  • Sport_e_Test_MenuService was FINE

We wasn’t able to identify a pattern…

Can you give us some advice? Is this an issue on SonarCloud side?

Please notice that the failing creation worked instead FINE con our legacy SonarQube (Community) installation…

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Hi @Andrea_Migliaccio

Welcome and thanks for posting to the community. I was able to create projects named ‘Sport_e_Salute_MemoService’ on test organizations without issue through the UI.

The errors you faced are most likely not related to the project name itself. I would like to know if you tried several times using the same project name and if you then got consistent successes/failures?
It would be helpful if you could you provide the specific rest API call used to get to the error.

Ciao @AlxO,

Yes, yesterday the error was consistent (I tried many times several variation around the original name, on both API e UI). I was trying again this morning to collect more info about the API and… today it’s working… :astonished:

Boh, I don’t know… I cannot explaint it…


:+1: Having the exact same issue on:

  • Community Edition
  • Version 8.3.1 (build 34397)