Could not create Project, key already exists

Note: XXX-XXX is an obfuscated project key and not the actual project key.

I use the SonarCloud API to create projects from Bitbucket at SonarCloud. This has worked very well for all previous repositories, but I get an error with a new project “XXX-XXX”:

sonarqube.utils.exceptions.ValidationError: Error in request. Possibly validation error [400]: Could not create Project, key already exists: XXX-XXX

I’m using the python API with the following command/call:

    organization="HIDDEN", project="XXX-XXX", name="My cool name", visibility="private"

At first I thought that I have a name-clash in the private/public scope and I accidentally made my projects public (Luckily not :D). But there is also no “XXX-XXX” project globally.

Hey there.

Project Keys must be unique across all of SonarCloud (not just within your organization, or within public/private scope) – so it looks like you’ve found a clash.

Oh no… :frowning:

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