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This is most likely a bug at the backend.
We have a monorepo project with several sub projects. One of them is named notifications-api.
That project is not visible in sonar cloud (I am an admin). If I try to recreate it using the Add a Project → Setup Mono repo, it says that the key is already taken.

Hey there.

Can you find the project in your organization-level Administration > Projects Management? If so, what happens when you click on the project link?

Can’t see that project.

By the way now, notifications-api is available.
However, notifications isn’t.
Is there a documented list of reserved words that can’t be used as project names?

Hey there.

Across all of SonarCloud, a project key can only be used once (they are not scoped to the organization). This may be why you are running into issues creating projects even if you’re told by the UI that the key is already taken.

Good to know. Now I am surprised that notifications-api is available.
Thanks for that.

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