Unbind organization to a new BitBucket Cloud workspace

Unfortunately our SonarCloud organization is currently bound to the wrong BitBucket Cloud workspace. I would like to know how we can simply unbind the wrong workspace so we can bind the correct one.

  • ALM used (Bitbucket Cloud)
  • CI system used (Bitbucket Cloud)

Hey there.

Uninstalling the application Bitbucket-side should “free” your organization and allow it to be bound to another workspace.

Hi Colin,

We’ve already tried this solution but the wrong Bitbucket Workspace is still bound to our Sonar Organization. I’ve seen in other threads that it is possible to unbind the organization but losing analysis history. Actually, losing the analysis history is not a problem for us and if you can do this will help us a lot.


Hey there.

Are you sure the application is uninstalled from the workspace it was originally bound to? I was able to remove the binding just now by removing the application in the Bitbucket workspace. It needs to be uninstalled from the workspace you’re taken to when you click on “See on Bitbucket”

Hi Colin,

I was able to unbind the organization. I needed to install the Sonar app in the original Bitbucket workspace again and then remove it to force the unbind on the Sonar side.

Thanks for your attention!

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