How to bind an organization to different Bitbucket workspace

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Our original SonarCloud paid plan organization was set up with an individual’s workspace on Bitbucket but we would like to migrate to our company’s Bitbucket workspace.

Is it possible for an organization to change an existing bind to a Bitbucket account to another Bitbucket account without removing the organization?



Yes it’s possible to change the binding of an org, it’s just not a straightforward process. From Bitbucket Cloud UI you can uninstall the SonarCloud application in your old workspace, this should unbind your org on SonarCloud side.
Then on SonarCloud if you refresh the administration page in your screenshot you should now see a button to bind the org, and clicking on it you should be able to select your new workspace.

Just note that doing this might break analysis (PR decoration) of projects that are in the old workspace and not accessible from the new one.

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Hi @Gregoire_Aubert
What are your thoughts about the below scenario

Move Paid Organization from GitHub to Azure DevOps.

We have successfully connected our GitHub organization to SonarCloud PAID organization. We are using Azure Pipelines as our CI server. We have successfully configured Azure Build pipeline to analyze and publish the analysis data to SonarCloud and we are able to see the SonarCloud dashboard as expected. Ours is Paid organization with yearly Coupon. I have following questions.

  1. Can we add users to our SonarCloud organization which are not GitHub users?
  2. We are thinking to move our GitHub Repos to Azure repos and stop using GitHub. In this scenario, how do connect our existing organization which is connected to GitHub connect to Azure DevOps? What would happen to the billing of the organization? Will we be able to use yearly Coupon again?
  3. Can we delete the existing SonarCloud organization connected to GitHub and create new SonarCloud organization by connecting it Azure DevOps organization? What would happen to the billing of the organization? Will we be able to use yearly Coupon again?

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