Bind Sonarcloud Org to New Bitbucket Account

Our SonarCloud organization was bound to an incorrect Bitbucket account. We need to bind the SonarCloud org to a new Bitbucket account. How can we unbind the current account and re-bind to the correct Bitbucket account?

Hello @js1134,

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Unfortunately it is not possible to change the binding of your organization. You have to create a new one for the new Bitbucket account.


Hello @Martin_Bednorz

Thank you for your reply. I actually came across this post:

Is the solution recommended in this post an option?

The recommended way is to start fresh and create a new organization with the correct binding. You can do this easily by clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner.

The solution in the thread you have linked might lead to unknown problems further down the line with the organization or existing projects. I would only recommend it if you have a lot of customization already done inside your organization and don’t want to start anew.

From what I understand from your message your SonarCloud organization is still rather new. Could you provide more details on why you would like to change the binding instead of creating a new organization?

Hi @Martin_Bednorz,

Thank you for your detailed reply. The main concern is that our current organization has about 14 projects, and we don’t want to impact existing teams’ ability to scan projects in SonarCloud.

If we were to create a new organization (bound to the correct BitBucket workspace), it sounds like history would be lost, and we’d need to reconfigure the the projects in the new organization. If this is correct, are there any ways around this?

Hello @js1134,

Thank you the clarification. From what I understand it is not possible that one repository can be in two different workspaces on Bitbucket (please correct me if I am wrong with that assumption). In that case, the correct Bitbucket workspace you want to bind to does not have access to those existing projects in your current SonarCloud organization, as they are currently in the incorrect Bitbucket workspace, right? Or do you want to transfer those repositories on Bitbucket side at the same time?