Move Paid Organization from GitHub to Azure DevOps

We have successfully connected our GitHub organization to SonarCloud PAID organization. We are using Azure Pipelines as our CI server. We have successfully configured Azure Build pipeline to analyze and publish the analysis data to SonarCloud and we are able to see the SonarCloud dashboard as expected. Ours is Paid organization with yearly Coupon. I have following questions.

  1. Can we add users to our SonarCloud organization which are not GitHub users?

  2. We are thinking to move our GitHub Repos to Azure repos and stop using GitHub. In this scenario, how do connect our existing organization which is connected to GitHub connect to Azure DevOps? What would happen to the billing of the organization? Will we be able to use yearly Coupon again?

  3. Can we delete the existing SonarCloud organization connected to GitHub and create new SonarCloud organization by connecting it Azure DevOps organization? What would happen to the billing of the organization? Will we be able to use yearly Coupon again?

Santaji Garwe

Hi Santaji,

Could you have a look on this thread please.

Martin our SonarCloud PM explains how to do it.



Hello Santaji,

Like explained in the thread shared by Olivier, we don’t really support migrating from an ALM to another, and trying to do it could lead to some unexpected problems on your projects.
It’s possible to unbind an organization and then bind it to something else from the settings, but doing so will most probably break the connection between the existing projects in SonarCloud and their repo.

And to answer your questions more precisely:

  1. Yes you can manage your users manually on a GitHub organization, and invite Azure Devops users for example. You just won’t benefit from the synchronization between Github and SonarCloud users anymore, meaning that if you had a new user in your GitHub organization it won’t be automatically added to the SonarCloud organization anymore.

  2. Like I said earlier, it could be possible, but you would still have to delete all your existing projects and re-import them from Azure Devops. If you were to do that the billing would not change and your existing coupon would continue.

  3. Yes you can delete your existing organization that is connected to GitHub (and all it’s existing SonarCloud projects) and create a fresh Azure DevOps organization, it’s the safest and recommended way. Doing so you would also have to re-import all your projects from Azure DevOps and you have to go through the billing process again like a new customer would do (you would loose your billing history in the billing page). The coupon you used for your GitHub organization would not work for this new organization since it has already been used. But I’m sure that by contacting our Sales team through the contact form you would find a way to get the remaining days of your previous coupon to a new one that you can use for your new organization. Just make sure to not delete your previous organization with the old coupon before contacting them.

Thanks @Gregoire_Aubert for quick and detailed reply. It solves all my questions.

Santaji Garwe

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