Is it possible to bind one Bitbucket WS to multiple SonarCloud orgs

We have a question on binding one Bitbucket WS to multiple Sonar cloud orgs?

Let say we have a 3 different Bitbucket workspaces
Company1 Bitbucket WS has already integrated with Sonarcloud (org name is, company1)
Comany2 Bitbucket WS has already integrated with Sonarcloud (org name is, company2)

Company3 is a new bitbucket WS has no integrations at all.

We are migrating our Bitbucket repos from Company1 Bitbucket WS into destination WS which is company 3 WS. After the repos been migrated, we deleted Sonarcloud app from Company1 Bitbucket WS and then login into Sonarcloud (org name is, company1) and rebind to Company 3 WS.

The integration was successful and everything looks good.
Now, we are trying migrate Bitbucket repos from Company2 Bitbucket WS into destination WS which is company 3 WS, and after the repos migration we did the same like before (i.e deleting the sonarcloud app integration from company2 bitbucket ws and then login sonarcloud (org name is , company2) and start to rebind to company 2 WS.)
We are unable to bound company2 org in sonarcould with Company 3 WS and says
“application is already bound to an orgination”

Can’t we bound multiple sonar cloud orgs with one Bitbucket WS (which is company 3 ws)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there.

There’s a 1:1 relationship between Bitbucket organization (workspace) and SonarCloud organization – which means all your repos need to land in one workspace, or there needs to be a different SonarCloud organization per workspace.

Hi Colin,
Thanks for the response. So it appears we may have to use one sonar cloud org per workspace. We already have an org integrated with sonar cloud, and my question is - can we rename the existing sonar cloud org to something else ( a meaningful name to all teams) ? do we have any side affects by doing so? Is there any way to migrate projects from one org to another org since we need 1:1 relationship? Suggestions?

Hey there.

Organization Keys can be changed, if that’s what you’re asking. The name of the organization can also be changed in the same place ( Your Organization > Administration > Organization settings).

Changing the name has no side effects – changing the key however…

If you change the key of your organization you must also make the same change to the sonar.organization setting of every project in the organization that is configured for CI-based analysis.