Renaming Bitbucket Workspace

  • ALM used; Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used; Bitbucket Cloud
  • Languages of the repository; Java

Hi there, we will be renaming our Bitbucket workspace ID in a few days time.

Will SonarCloud automatically detect this change in workspace ID and continue to integrate unaffected?

Or before the workspace ID change occurs, should I follow the steps in the below ticket and;

  1. uninstall the SonarCloud application from Bitbucket,
  2. change the Workspace ID,
  3. reinstall the SonarCloud app in Bitbucket,
  4. then rebind to that new workspace ID in SonarCloud?

Many thanks,

Hey @tony.ynot

It’s a good idea to rebind your workspace after changing the name – unfortunately, some links will stay broken on existing projects (like the URL to the repository, and references in UI-tutorials). We have an internal ticket tracking this when repo names changes, but not workspace. I’ll ping internally.

Thanks Colin,

Just to confirm, do I need to do the above steps I mentioned before the renaming of the workspace ID to allow the rebinding from SonarCloud to occur? (since there isn’t an available “rebind” button displayed at this stage, and I imagine there still won’t be after the rename occurs (?));


You don’t need to do anything before renaming the Workspace. I would recommend uninstalling the SonarCloud application from your Bitbucket workspace after the rename (which will allow you to re-bind from the Organization settings).

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