Unable view the entire Project's branch name when editing an Application branch

SonarQube 7.7 supports defining a branch for an Application. This capability allows the user to select each project branch that should included in the Application’s branch. The problem that we are encountering is that there no way to see the entire branch name for an application if the branch name is more than 15 characters long. The drop down list includes all the project’s long-term branches but does size to the inputs or allow you to scroll to the right to see the rest of the version. This combined with what appears to be a random order of the branches in the drop down list makes it difficult to select the correct branch.

Please fix the Application’s “Branch Update” window so that the entirety of branch name can be seen in the “Branch” drop down lists and so that the contents of the drop down lists are ordered consistently (e.g., alphabetically).

To work around this issue, I had to use the developer tools in Firefox to see the values of entry in the dropdown list.

The window in question can be accessed via the following steps (this assumes and application and a branch have already been created).

  • Click the “Portfolios” menu
  • Select the Application you wish to edit
  • From the Application’s menu, select “Administration” -> “Edit Definition”
  • For the desired branch, select Gear Symbol -> “Edit”


Would you mind providing a screenshot, please?


I will see if I can. It is on a closed network so there some hoops I need to jump through.


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I have attached a screen shot that displays the issue with the SQ Application Branch Edit panel.

Travis Van Hill

(Attachment SQAppBranchEdit.pdf is missing)


The attachment is missing. Could you try again, please?


The PDF file that was attached must have been stripped (I verified the email I sent had it attached). I have reattached it as a PNG file. Hopefully it makes it

Travis Van Hill


Thanks for sharing! I’ve referred this internally.


Hi @tvanhill,

Thanks for the report. I’ve opened a ticket here. We’ll get on it ASAP.

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