Unable to see all analysis report on sonar dashboard for the same project with postgres database

I have sonarqube server running in docker container with Postgres database on my Google cloud instance.

I am running analysis for my gradle code. It ran successfully but if I run analysis more than once the only I can see the latest report on the sonar dashboard. How can I get all the analysis report on the dashboard.

Sonar Version : 7.9-community
OS : Centos-7
Integrated DB with Sonar: Postgres DB

If I run analysis report for some other project then it is showing the report for both projects i.e. the previous once and the latest one. But if run analysis report for the same project the it shows only report for latest once.

Anyone please help me out in this.

SonarQube tracks the quality of your code over time (see the Activity tab of your SonarQube project) but only the latest analysis is displayed on the project dashboard (this is what master looks like now)

Thanks @Colin_SonarSource for your quick response.
I agree with you but when we use the integrated H2 database with sonarqube then we can see all the analysis report on project dashboard.
I have tested this in SonarQube Version 7.7.0 and 7.9.0, in both of them I am getting all the report on project dashboard with H2 database and only latest report in case of Poatgres database.