Sonarqube is not showing previously scanned reports

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  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension) 8.4
    I have 3 VMs. one hosts postgresDB and other 2 host sonarqube server. initially , i bring up one SQ server and pushed the analysis report of one sample project. after that, I stopped first SQ server and bring up another one. again I pushed analysis report to this SQ server.
    Note: both SQ servers has same database and credential
    When i login to second server , i see only one project . My expectation was that it will show both project because DB is same.
    However if i navigate to Administration -> Projects -> management, i can see both projects.

I want to understand what is the logic behind it?
I asked this question because it is very common that the container hosting SQ server can be restarted and can can be placed on any other hosts (incase of kubernetes and mesos).


This is about your Elasticsearch index. SonarQube was not designed for this multi-server approach. If you want redundancy, you’re going to need to upgrade to Data Center Edition($$$).

What you need to do now is stop whichever instance is running. Delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es6. Restart that instance. Throw away the other one.


Thanks Ann for answering. I noticed one weird thing. I scanned one project on VM1 and pushed. then i stopped VM1 . post that i started SQ on VM2 . I can see the report (scanned by VM1. DB is on third VM ) on VM2.

However if i use containers instead of VM, i can not see report (scanned by container 1) on container 2.


This is again about your Elasticsearch index. See what I said above.