Unable to search for members by their e-mail address any longer


(Jeroen Vos) #1

To onboard members of my organization into our SonarCloud organization, I used to do the following steps:

  • Ask user to sign in using his VSTS account (connected to our AAD).
  • When adding members, search for the user’s e-mail address.
  • Select the user found and add to our organization.

This no longer seems to work. I can only search for the generated user name of the user. Which contains his name (if correctly set in his AAD profile) and some arbitrary number. This is unacceptable, I can’t just go around guessing the correct users. Please put the search for e-mail address back in again (or a better way of onboarding people from the same company obviously).

The last two proposed topics (that don’t have a number yet) in the following Epic are in my opinion something that should be on the top of your list for SonarCloud: https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/MMF-1111

(Grégoire Aubert) #3

Thanks for the report, we didn’t remove the search by email on purpose, we have a small bug that broke it. We have a fix in the pipe and it should work again soon.

About the onboarding part, we are currently actively working on improving it for GitHub and Bitbucket. We didn’t start on VSTS yet but it should follow soon after we are done with the two others.

(Sebastian Pietrzak) #4

My colleague and I both signed up using Azure DevOps accounts. We cannot add each other as members of the organisation - you’re saying this feature is not available yet? So how can I add him as a member? Are we forced to work using Github accounts?