Unable to reset admin password after oidc plugin locked out

Using the community 8.9.7 Sonarqube docker image and running Sonarqube in kubernetes. I have the openid plugin installed to login. This is currently locked. Attempting to reset admin password so I can login and troubleshoot the plugin error.

I have attempted to update following instructions here to update password:

I can see in the psql db that the password and salt have been updated and I get an update1 when I’ve ran the command however logging in using user=admin, passwrd=admin fails to authenticate.

Any ideas how I can reset admin password?


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What do your server logs say when you try and fail to log in?


The logs dont mention anything related to the login failure with admin:

ce.log has the following. I am aware of this and know how to fix but unable to login using admin:

WARN web[AYGKdx6AO7gcH0IeAAER][o.s.s.a.AuthenticationError] Fail to initialize authentication with provider ‘oidc’
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Retrieving OpenID Connect provider metadata failed

When I login using admin/admin as username and password I get an error on the UI saying that authentication failed

I have made the changes to the DB as per docs to update the admin password but this hasn’t worked.


Hello @lucky7865,

Welcome to the Sonar Community Forum! Thank you very much for reaching out and for creating this thread about your issue. I have tried to reproduce the behavior you have described but I was unable to. Could you verify that your provider settings are configured correctly on your properties file? Feel free to share any feedback on the thread.

All the best,