Unable to Install SonarQube Version-

SonarQube Version -
SonarQube Deployed - Windows 10
What I am trying to achieve - I am unable to install SonarQube (Community Edition) on my PC
What I have done so far to achieve this -
Step 1> Downloaded the Latest version of SonarQube (Community Edition) zip file on my PC
Step 2> Downloaded and Install Java version - 20.0.1
Step 3> Unzip the Downloaded file into the directory C:\Program Files
Step 4> Oracle JDBC (ojdbc11.jar) driver copied into the directory extensions C:\Program
Step 5> Start the SonarQube Server by passing the command
C:\Program Files\sonarqube-\bin\windows-x86-64>StartSonar

I also attached log files of sonar.log
sonar.log (28.0 KB)

Welcome :slight_smile:

SonarQube server requires Java version 17 and the SonarQube scanners require Java version 11 or 17, see Prerequisites and overview


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Hi Gilbert,
First of all ThankYou so much for your Suggestion.
Now, I have installed Java Version 17 and again completed the entire Installation process.
This time I get an error - Elasticsearch exited unexpectedly

I have also attached log files.
sonar.log (12.0 KB)


means we have to look into %SONARQUBE_HOME\logs\es.log
To get more details you should increase the loglevel to DEBUG
in %SONARQUBE_HOME\conf\sonar.properties


ThankYou so much Gilbert… :slightly_smiling_face:

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