Unable to install Sonarqube on Windows 10

I am unable to install Sonarqube on my Windows 10 machine. The StartSonar.bat stops after trying to start the webserver (i think…) The log files are attached.

Sonarversion - the latest from the website
Java version - jdk-11.0.7

I have made the following configuration in the wrapper.conf file

es.log (9.7 KB) sonar.log (2.8 KB) web.log (6.7 KB)

What am I doing worng ?

Hi Arun, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

A quick peek at your logs reveals our embedded Elasticsearch process failed to start because something else is already bound to port 9001. Possibilities:

  • You ran another SonarQube instance already, or one crashed but not fully. In which case look for and kill any outstanding Java processes on the box.
  • You happen to run another piece of software that uses port 9001. In which case you can modify our default port assignments in the sonar.properties file for your instance

Also worth mentioning: it’s probably a better practice to set JAVA_HOME and then put JAVA_HOME\bin in the PATH on your Windows box than it is to hack the wrapper.conf file. This way you can update Java in the future without needing to remember to go back into config files elsewhere to fix them.