Unable to install SonarLint extension to Visual Stuido 2022

I tried (more times) to download the SonarLint for my VisualStuido 2022 (Pro) on Windows.
Tried both - from website x from VS extension manager.
Also tried to run VS as administrator - without success;
Other extensions were installed without issue.
Thank you. GG

Error is same:

Install log:

4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - Microsoft VSIX Installer
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - -------------------------------------------
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - vsixinstaller.exe version:
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - 17.5.4072+gf05bffad0c
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - -------------------------------------------
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - Command line parameters:
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\vsixinstaller.exe,/appidinstallpath:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe,/skuName:Pro,/skuVersion:17.5.33516.290,/appidname:Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022,/culture:en-US,/noep,C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\VSIXfelzwkoa.vsix
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - -------------------------------------------
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - Microsoft VSIX Installer
4/4/2023 5:15:18 PM - -------------------------------------------
4/4/2023 5:15:19 PM - System.BadImageFormatException: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)
   at VSIXInstaller.App.SetGlobalLogger(IInteropLogger logger)
   at VSIXInstaller.App.Initialize(Boolean isRepairSupported)
   at VSIXInstaller.App.Initialize()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InnerInvoke()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

Hi @Gabriela_Gettigova - welcome to the community!

I’ve just successfully installed SonarLint from the Manage Extensions page inside Visual Studio.

Have you managed to successfully install other extensions recently i.e. after the failure to install SonarLint? If you do now have problems installing other extensions, try repairing Visual Studio.

Also, you could try downloading the VSIX directly from our GitHub release page.

FYI you don’t need to be an admin to install a per-user extension.