Unable to find Quality Profile in Sonarlint

We have installed SonarQube server (Community Edition) in one of our machines and successfully started analysing a project with it. In addition, we have successfully installed CNES plugin for Fortran90 rules and it works nice and smooth.

Now, we have installed Sonarlint on our Eclipse IDEs, inside our Virtual Machines at home, and we were expecting to see our issues on the fly by connecting Eclipse Sonarlint to our remote SonarQube server. However, for some unknown reason for us, Sonarlint seems to be unable to detect the Quality Profiles defined in SonarQube precisely for those languages for which the CNES plugin works on (F77, F90 and shell):

Unable to find the quality profile AXC68UqtaJGVmETRIQKn in the SonarLint storage. You should update the storage, or ignore this message if the profile is empty.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? We have tried creating a dedicated Quality Profile for the project, activating only one rule, etc but nothing seems to work. Is Fortran supported by SonarLint?

Few clarifications: projects are successfully binded (if we change the name of the Quality Profile, it is shown in the SonarLint Console in Eclipse), we are using CNES plugin 2.0.2, on a SonarQube Community Edition, an Eclipse IDE (Version: 2021-06 (4.20.0), Build id: 20210612-2011) and SonarLint plugin 6.0.

Hello, welcome to the community! And thank you for your question.

For the time being, SonarLint will only run rules from SonarSource analyzers (see the FAQ); third party analyzers like the one contributed by the CNES plugin will not be executed.

I’m making a note about the “empty profile” log, I believe we should be able to detect that those profiles are for languages we don’t support.

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Bonjour Jean-Baptiste!

Thanks for your prompt reply and indeed!! An enhanced message in the log would be wonderful :slight_smile:

By the way, is this SonarLint ability to run rules of third parties in SonarSource roadmap? Thanks again!

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Hello Patricia,

This topic is not part of the roadmap and I don’t think it will be part of it anytime soon.

Thanks for using SonarLint!