SonarLint for Eclipse 7.2 released - Automatic sync of SonarQube quality profiles

Hello Eclipse users,

As many of you use SonarQube or SonarCloud to analyze your projects, the SonarLint team at SonarSource is working to improve the integration between the products, so that it will be easier for you to deliver high-quality and safe code from the start - while coding in your IDE! As you know, when you use SonarLint in combination with SonarQube or SonarCloud, then the quality profile, issues status and analysis settings for your project will be applied in SonarLint, so that you can focus on your code and do not need to worry about configuration.

One of our ambitions is to make this synchronization mechanism work without your intervention, and to reflect any changes in near real-time in your IDE, meaning that for example, when a rule is deactivated by a project admin in your SonarQube quality profile, all related issues stop immediately being reported in the IDE; this way all project contributors can focus on relevant issues only.

As a first step, with this new release, we’ve worked on quality profiles synchronization; any changes made in SonarQube will be now applied in your IDE automatically when you open a project, or every hour (FYI, before this release, you received a notification after a longer delay, that you had to manually action in order to trigger the update). Sure, this is not real-time yet, but we’ll get there in the next few releases…

Let me also mention some of the new features and improvements we have carried out in the different analyzers we support, and that we released in this version:

Here is the link to the release notes if you like to learn more.

As usual, we’d be happy to hear your feedback for this new version on this Community forum, and on the feature ideas we are currently considering to add in our roadmap page.

EDIT: Removed a wrong mention about support for TypeScript 4.4 - TypeScript analysis is not supported yet in SonarLint for Eclipse

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Support for Typescript 4.4 added? What does this actually mean? Typescript issues are not shown in my Eclipse IDE in connected mode with SonarQube

Hello @jags,
there was a mistake in the above announcement about TypeScript 4.4 - apologies for that.
In fact, TypeScript analysis is not supported yet in SonarLint for Eclipse (FYI it is supported in SonarLint for IntelliJ, VSCode and Visual Studio).