Unable to find Administration > Branches & Pull requests

I am trying to configure a branch type to set our develop branch as a long-lived branch. In the SonarCloud documentation https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/branches/overview/. It says the branch type can be defined in Administration > Branches & Pull requests.

I am not seeing this as an option the administration tools. Has this admin tool been removed? How would I go about changing a branch to a long-lived branch?

How do you configure a long-lived branch?

From the docs you linked:

Configuring the Branch type

A regular expression is used to determine whether a branch is treated as long-lived or short-lived. By default, branches that have names starting with either “branch” or “release” will be treated as long-lived.

This can be updated at a project’s level in Admininstration > Branches & Pull requests .

A branch type cannot be changed after the fact.

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