How can we see LongLived branches in Sonarcloud


(Rajaneesh K) #1

while analyzing when I give
it shows Release as short lived branch…How can I overcome this so that it shows release as long lived branch in drop-down in sonarcloud…
see the below 2 screenshots

dev band release are long-lived branches


(Duarte Meneses) #2

The name release doesn’t match the regex (branch|release|dev)-*,

Try to set the regex to (branch|release|dev)*.

(Rajaneesh K) #3

Thanks for the reply I will try this and reply you if it gets worked…

Please try to mention this in the documentation for the next release…

(Rajaneesh K) #4

Setting the regex to (branch|release|dev)*. has actually worked for me and I can see the long-lived branches in the SonarCloud UI.