Default regex for long-lived branches on SonarCloud

We use gitflow as a branching strategy across our organization. Our long lived branches are
develop, master and release/*. The regular expression to match these branches is


We would like to apply this regular expression to the long-lived branch pattern on all projects (at least on all new projects). So far, I only managed to configure this regex at project level. Is it possible to configure the default pattern for long-lived branches on SonarCloud so that it is automatically applied on new projects?

Hello @keithazzopardi,

Right now it’s not possible to configure Long Lived Branch regexp at organization level.
If you really have a lot of projects you can script that with the SonarCloud API<projectKey>&key=sonar.branch.longLivedBranches.regex&value=develop|(release/.*)

I’d say there is little chance for this to change. We rather lean towards a unified concept of branch (no distinction between LLB and SLB), like in the SCM, which would render this regexp to distinguish the two obsolete.