How to change short lived branch to long live branch and make it main branch?

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  • Azure DevOps yaml pipelines
  • Want App_Release_Branch to be long-lived and main branch of this project
  • Tried changing “Long-lived branches pattern” to App_Release_Branch like in screenshot but no effect
  • See screenshot


Sorry, but that functionality just isn’t available.

The closest you could come would be to

  • delete your short-lived branch
  • change your long-lived branch naming convention
  • (re)analyze your branch to get it into SonarCloud as a long-lived branch.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to make it the main branch, even after re-creating it as a long-lived branch.


ok thanks, so how do I get the App_Release_Branch to be long lived?

I changed the pattern as shown in the screenshot and have done more builds since but it stays in the short lived branches


You can’t change a branch’s type, once established. You’re going to have to delete it and then re-analyze.


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