Long-Lives branches

I’m looking for a way to add develop in the Long-lived branches

I changed the pattern to contain only develop, but it is still not present.

Any idea of a way to have main and develop as long lived branches

Hi @Thierry_Paret ,

Could you share the configuration you’ve set?
Also, did you run analyses after you changed the configuration?


Hello Alex

I have : Long-lived branches pattern: develop

Yes, we did several analyses .


Hi Thierry,

Which version of SQ are you using?

With 8.1/8.4, the concept of short-lived and long-lived branches disappeared, and all branches are now long-lived and give you the full results.

Before that, you need to delete the branch in SQ, then run a new analysis to turn a short-lived branch into a long-lived branch after changing the pattern.

I’m using sonarcloud.io