Long lived branches issues

Hi Team,

We’re using develop, release-21.04, master, feature branches in our Azure pipelines repo and used the pattern to make develop as Long-live branch: (master|develop|release-).* in SQ project. But still develop branch is showing in short-lived branches only.

Please provide the correct format to make branches (develop, release-21.04, master ) as Long-lived branches in Sonarqube project.

We’re using SonarQube™ technology is powered by SonarSource SA * Enterprise Edition * Version 7.9.3 (build 33349)


Hi Team,

Can I have update on my above request.



You’re in luck! We recently released the 8.9.1 LTS. Since your version is now EOL, I know you’ll want to upgrade immediately and in that upgrade your short-lived branches will all be converted to long-lived branches since we simplified branch management in the 8-series.


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