Unable to Download sonarqube report on azure devops

Im using sonarqube 7.7 community version ,which is containerized and integrated with azure devops pipeline. i want to see/download my sonarqube full report in azure devops.

my main goal is to download the sonarqube report in any format.

I have logged into the sonarqube and tried to install the CNES plugin from marketplace, but it is incompatible with my sonarqube version(only compatible with v.8 and above, I am not allowed to upgrade )

tried including the below property in pom.xml. but This issues report plugin is deprecated since SonarQube 5.1.



Hello @aishwarya and welcome to the community :wave:

sad to hear that you are not allowed to update as 7.7 is eol and your organisation should update sooner than later :confused:

coming back to your problem: can you elaborate what you mean with

if you just want to download a list of issues in your project, you can refer to this thread here where you can see on how to access these information via the SQ API and get them as a json object.

hope that helps