Azure DevOps: Generate the sonarqube analysis report

SonarQube has been integrated in Azure DevOps. However, I’m able to run the SonarQube analysis and the analysis result is updated in SonarQube dashboard. Now, I need to share the analysis report to developers. So, how to get the sonarqube analysis report in any of the formats like text/excel/csv/pdf/word/… ?

Below are the details:

CI: Azure DevOps
Build Agents: Microsoft Hosted Agent - Windows 2019
Languages of the repository: C# .Netcore 3.1
SonarQube: Community Edition - 7.9.3

Hi @Vin0d,
In our setup, the complete team has access to SonarQube. There is no need to export a report when there is SonarQube :wink:

Is this no option for you?

Hi @Daniel.Schiffer,

That’s a valid question. The report needs to be shared to the external user who doesn’t have access to our SonarQube. Can you please suggest further?